Sudden Pitch Rules and Regulations

Welcome to SUDDEN PITCH 2017



Supply Shed: 

Please feel free to use grill supplies (charcoal, lighter fluid, barbecue tools).   Dish detergent for cleaning up supplies is located near the sink.  However, paper products are reserved for the social events held at Swimmers Inc., so please bring your own. 


Children are not allowed in the Supply Shed.



Do your part to clean up after barbecues and events.  It is the responsibility of all Swimmers Inc. members; please encourage kids to do the same.  If you see a garbage can full at any time, please take the bag to the disposal area and replace the bag.  Recycling barrels are available for cans and bottles (nothing else, please). 


Tennis Courts: 

Players are responsible for sweeping and relining the courts after play (both the broom and the line marker are hanging on the fence).



Safety is our chief concern.  Always park in the lot rather than inside the club gate (we open the gate for larger events).   Do not drive up to or park near the entry to the pool (over by the shed) except when absolutely necessary (loading and unloading for parties or helping those who require special assistance).  


Watch for small children playing in this area!



Your children are your responsibility.  Lifeguards are hired to watch children in the big pool (they are not responsible for the little pool) and they are not babysitters. 

Children should not be hanging around the lifeguard area, sitting in their chairs, or on the lifeguard stand.  Children who are not respectful of the lifeguards, other children, and/or the Sudden Pitch grounds, will be asked to leave.  Please review all rules with any guests you may have.





Any child who needs flotation devices to swim in the big pool must be accompanied by an adult.  Pool rules are posted on the fence around the pool – please take the time to review & follow.


Courtesy Reminder:  Controlling costs and providing a safe and respectful environment sometimes requires that adults take the initiative to correct other parents’ children.  Should this occur, be sure to show your support & appreciation to your fellow members, and remind your children of the rules, proper behavior & the respect due their elders.  Thank you!






These rules and regulations have been developed for the safety, well being, and enjoyment of Swimmers Inc. / Sudden Pitch Members, their children, and their guests.  It is expected that all members, their children, and guests will follow these rules at all times.


In addition to board members the Lifeguards and the club manager have the authority to enforce the rules.  Violations of the rules will be reported to the Board of Directors who may take such action, as they deem necessary, including the suspension of privileges for such periods of time as they may determine.


These rules and regulations are subject to changes and/or additions as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.




1.  The privileges of the Swimmers Inc. facility are to be enjoyed by all the members, their children, and their guests.  Anyone using these facilities is expected to conduct himself or herself in a mature, responsible, and courteous manner.


2.  The Corporation will not be responsible for accidents resulting from the use of the pool or the grounds, or for the loss of, or damage to, articles of personal property.


3.  Members must register all guests who are using the Swimmers Inc. facility.  Please be sure to locate the guest book or club manager to register your guest(s).  The following information must be provided:  the name of the guest, the number of adults and children in the guest party, member’s name, and date of use.   Failure to register a guest will result in a $25.00 fine.  


4. Guests cannot be admitted to the privileges of the Swimmers Inc. facility for more than three (3) days within any calendar month.  There is no limitation on visits before the staff officially starts the summer or after the pool closes in the fall; guest fees, however, still apply.  Failure to register a guest will result in a $25.00 fine.


5.  No guest can be admitted without a member present.  Members are responsible in all respects for the conduct and actions of their guests.  All guests must be accompanied by a member for the duration of their visit.  


6. The guest fee for the use of the Swimmers Inc. facility is $5.00 per day per person.  Guest fees will be billed to members on a monthly basis. Guest fees for bona fide house-guests of a member will be ten ($10.00) per week per guest or the daily rate per guest, whichever is less.  Guest fees may be waived by a unanimous vote of the Board.  Guest fees shall not apply to a partner of a member so long as the partner is living with them.  A partner of a stockholder or special member, who lives with them shall have full access and rights to Swimmers Inc.  It is the responsibility of the member to inform the Board of their status, as it relates to their partner, in order to avoid guest fees.  It is also the responsibility of the stockholder or special member to inform the Board if their living status changes as it relates to their partner.


7.  Other than during supervised morning activities, (tennis and swimming lessons), no child under the age of twelve (12) will be allowed at Sudden Pitch unless supervised by an adult, babysitter, or sibling at least twelve (12) years of age or older.  If an older sibling is in charge of a younger sibling, the older sibling is expected to directly supervise the children for whom he/she is responsible. 


8.  Babysitters must be at least twelve (12) years of age and they are expected to directly supervise the children for whom they are responsible.  No guest fee is required for a babysitter while on duty. Babysitters may not bring guests.


9.  A stockholder’s guest privileges do not extend to their Nanny or babysitter.  No Nanny or babysitter may bring a guest.  There are two exceptions:


    a.  A Nanny or babysitter is permitted to bring a child/children as a guest(s) of the member’s child or children.  This child/children will be considered a guest of the member, and will need to be signed in by the Nanny or babysitter each time they are a guest. The member will incur guest fees.  The Nanny or babysitter will be responsible in all respects for the conduct and actions of any such guests.


      b.  An adult Nanny or babysitter who routinely cares for a member’s child/children while simultaneously caring for her own child/children may bring her own child or children while she is caring for the member’s child/children. The Nanny or babysitter must have the consent of the member that is her employer.  This child/children will be considered a guest(s) of the member, and will need to be signed in by the Nanny or babysitter each time they are a guest, however the children will not be subject to the limitation outlined in section 4 of the General Rules.  The member will incur guest fees.


An adult Nanny or babysitter shall not be subject to guest fees as outlined in section 6 of the General Rules.  All other Swimmers Inc. rules regarding guests apply. With regard to the two Exceptions, the Board of Directors would expect the following:


(1)  The Nanny or babysitter would only be required to directly supervise a reasonable number of children and their guests at any one time.  This is a safety issue for the children, their guests and the members. 

(2)  The Nanny or babysitter shall not be employed by more than one family at the time of the visit. 


Please ensure that all Nannies and babysitters are completely familiar with the rules and regulations of Swimmers Inc., as well as the type of behavior expected of them and the children that they are directly supervising


Please remember that swimming and tennis lessons are available only to the children of the members or their house guest(s) approved by the club manager.  Please contact the Club Manager for more information.


10.  No member or guest shall give money or other gratuity to any employee of the Corporation under any pretext whatsoever.


11.  No pets are permitted on the grounds of Swimmers Inc. at anytime, including after hours.


12.  After 10:00 PM, no one may use any of the facilities of Swimmers Inc. unless accompanied by at least one stockholder or the spouse of a stockholder.


12.  No cars, mini-bikes, motorcycles, or skateboards are allowed beyond the chain gate at the parking lot, except on special occasions.


14.  The children of any member requesting to use the Swimmers Inc. facilities for overnight camping must have a stockholder chaperoning and present at all times, and must have written permission from the Board of Directors.


15.  No outside organized group parties (such as, office parties, sports teams, or youth organizations) are allowed at Swimmers Inc.  Social gatherings and birthday parties that include non-members must be approved by the Club Manager.  Please contact the Club Manager for more information.


16.  Spring cleanup is a mandatory obligation for each regular member family. At least one member of a member family must attend spring cleanup and sign in.  Failure to attend and sign in with the board member responsible for grounds will result in a $100.00 fine.   





The Lifeguards have authority to deny pool privileges for incompetence as a swimmer, misconduct, abuse of the bathhouse facilities, or any other violations of the pool rules.  Any disagreement regarding such actions should be brought to the Board of Directors, not to the Lifeguards.  




1.  Regular pool hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM.  No swimming unless there is a lifeguard present.   Please respect the 10-minute break at the end of each hour and do not allow children to sit next to, stand in, or swim in the pool while the lifeguards are not present.  This time is for adults only (18 years of age or older).


2.  Both the Lifeguards and the Pool Committee have the authority to close the pool due to inclement weather or for other unforeseen problems.


3.  State law requires that all swimmers must pass through the shower when entering or reentering the pool.


4.  State law prohibits smoking in the pool enclosure or bathhouse.


5.  State law prohibits food or beverages in the pool enclosure.


6.  Absolutely no running, pushing, roughhousing, or other hazardous activities are allowed in the pool area.


7.  All swimmers must wear proper swimwear.   


8.  Unless certified by the Lifeguards as a competent swimmer, any child under seven (7) years of age must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter within the pool enclosure.  All children who are a guest and intend on using the pool must first be introduced to and be evaluated by a lifeguard.  An adult must be with the child in the pool at all times if the lifeguard determines the child to be an incompetent swimmer.



9.  Parents are responsible for the supervision of all non-swimmers using the pool facilities, except during regular swimming classes.


10.  Only children six (6) years of age and younger are allowed in the wading pool.  Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children in the wading pool.   Children using the wading pool must be directly supervised at all times by a parent, babysitter, Nanny, or sibling over the age of 12.  Children using the wading pool are not the responsibility of the Lifeguards.


11.  The Guard’s Office is off limits to all the children.


12.  Diving Board rules are as follows:


a.  All dives and jumps must be off the front of the diving board.


b.  Only one person on the diving board at a time.


c.  Divers must wait until the area around the diving board is clear before diving.


d.  Absolutely no roughhousing, pushing, or fooling around is 

allowed on or near the diving board.


e. No swimming underneath or hanging from the diving board.


f.  No diving in the shallow end of the pool.


g.  No sliding down the pool handrails or ladders.


h.  No diapers allowed in the big pool.


i.  When using the diving board, after jumping off the board, divers must swim to and exit on the right hand ladder or swim to the shallow end.  NO DIVER should swim to the left ladder.  To allow for a safe exit for divers, there will be no jumping off the wall from the right corner of the pool.  This includes no jumping in from the wall to the right of the diving board and to the left of the lifeguard chair.



1.  The Tennis Director and his/her assistants have authority to deny tennis privileges for violations of either the tennis or general rules and regulations of Swimmers Inc.


2.  Regulation shoes only (no basketball shoes, flip flops, or Crocs) may be used on all of the courts, including the hard courts, and practice areas. The hard courts are as susceptible to damage by improper footwear, as are the clay courts.


3.  No playing in bare feet, swimsuits, or without shirts.


4.  After being played upon, the courts must be brushed.  This should be done in the following manner:  First brush along the outside of each half of the court once or twice, including the back-court; then up and down the middle area of the court; finally, brush the tapes.


5.  IF THE TENNIS NETS ARE LOWERED, DO NOT USE THE COURTS.  Do not play on a court after a heavy rainstorm until completely firm and/or it has been rolled.  Do not strike the tennis nets with racquets.


6.  When other players are waiting to use the courts, your playing time should be limited to one hour.  When using the lights, members should limit play to one hour.  Weekdays before 5 PM, the Tennis instructors will supervise the use of the courts to ensure fair use for all.


7.  On weekends and after 5 PM on weekdays, stockholders and spouses shall have preference over the non-working children of members. However, no adults shall have preference over another adult playing with children.


8.  All are expected to close and latch the doors when entering or leaving the courts.


9.  Spectators are expected to move about the courts as little as possible.


10.  Lights should only be used when necessary on the courts.  Once on, they should be allowed to complete their timing cycle.


11.  Free group instruction is available from the instructors.  The hours available will be posted on the bulletin board.


12.  Use of the ball machine in limited to instructional purposes, and can only be used under the supervision of an instructor.


13. Absolutely no chairs or benches are allowed on the tennis courts.






1.  The requirements for application for Special Membership are that the member shall have been a stockholder for a minimum of ten (10) years and, either:


a.  The member’s youngest child living at home is over the age of 16 by January 1st of the current membership year, or


b.  The member has moved their primary place of residence outside of a twenty-five (25) mile radius of Manchester.


2.  Application must be made in writing to the Board of Directors and received by them by March 1st of the current membership year.


3.  Acceptance will be by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors in accordance with the By-Laws.


4. Members who have been accepted for Special Membership must resign from regular membership; relinquish voting rights and sign the Special Membership Agreement (for the first year only) returning same to the Board.


5.  Special Membership eligibility, once having been established, will be a continual status unless application is made for a change or revoked by the Board for misuse.


6.  Special Members will be invited to all social functions and have full rights with regard to bringing guests, signing up and paying as usual.


7. Special Members have full use of all the facilities of Swimmers Inc., subject to limitations set by the Board of Directors.  Children of Special Members are not members of Swimmers Inc.  Children of Special Members may use the pool and tennis facilities as a registered guest in the absence of their parents, however all other rules and fees for guests shall apply.  Special Members shall be present when their child or children bring a guest to Swimmers Inc.  



8.  Use of the pool and/or tennis courts shall be limited to no more than twenty (20) days per season.


9.  Special Members are not entitled to swimming or tennis lessons.


10. Although non-voting members, Special Members are encouraged to actively participate and convey their ideas, concerns and suggestions to the Board.


11. Participation on Swimmers Inc. Tennis Leagues is made on a space available basis.