Please feel free to use grill supplies (charcoal, lighter fluid, barbeque tools). Dish detergent for cleaning up supplies is located near the sink.

However, paper products are reserved for the Club’s social events, so please bring your own.

Children are not allowed in the Supply Shed.

Do your part to clean up after barbeques and events. It is the responsibility of all club members, encourage kids to do the same.

If you see a garbage can full, please take the bag to the disposal area and replace the bag.

Recycling barrels are available for cans and bottles (nothing else, please).

Players are responsible for sweeping and relining the courts after play (both the broom and the line marker are hanging on the fence).

Safety is our chief concern. Always park in the lot rather than inside the club gate (we open the gate for larger events).

Do not drive up to or park near the entry to the pool (over by the shed) except when absolutely necessary (loading and unloading for parties, helping those who require special assistance). Watch for small children playing in this area!

Your children are your responsibility. Lifeguards are hired to watch children in the big pool (they are not responsible for the little pool) and they are not babysitters.

Children should not be hanging around the lifeguard area, sitting in their chairs, or on the lifeguard stand.

Children who are not respectful of the lifeguards, other children, and/or the Sudden Pitch grounds, will be asked to leave. Please review all rules with any guests you may have.

Any child who needs floatation devices to swim in the big pool must be accompanied by an adult.

Pool rules are posted on the fence around the pool – please take the time to review & follow.

Courtesy Reminder: Controlling costs and providing a safe and respectful environment sometimes requires that adults take the initiative to correct other parents’ children. Should this occur, be sure to show your support & appreciation to your fellow members, and remind your children of the rules, proper behavior & the respect due their elders. Thank you!


These rules and regulations have been developed for the safety, well being, and enjoyment of Sudden Pitch Members, their children, and their guests. It is expected that all members, their children, and guests will follow these rules at all times.

The Lifeguards have the authority to enforce the rules. Violations of the rules will be reported to the Board of Directors who may take such action, as they deem necessary, including the suspension of privileges for such periods of time as they may determine.

These rules and regulations are subject to changes and/or additions as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


  1. The privileges of the swimming pool, tennis courts, and the grounds are to be enjoyed by all the members, their children, and their guests. Anyone using these facilities is expected to conduct himself or herself in a mature, responsible, and courteous manner.
  1. The Corporation will not be responsible for accidents resulting from the use of the pool or the grounds, or for the loss of, or damage to, articles of personal property.
  1. Members must register all guests. Pool guests must be registered with the Lifeguards. Tennis guests must be registered on the guest register provided at the tennis courts. The following information must be provided: the name of the guest, the number of adults and children in the guest party, member’s name, and date of use. Failure to register a guest will result in a $25.00 fine.
  1. Adult guests who have either a residential or business address within ten (10) miles of the Sudden Pitch cannot be admitted to the privileges of the Club for more than two (2) days within any calendar month. Guests under 18 years of age who have such an address cannot be admitted to the Club for more than four (4) days in any calendar month. There is no limitation on visits before the staff officially starts the summer; guest fees, however, still apply.
  1. No guest can be admitted without a stockholder or spouse present. Members are responsible in all respects for the conduct and actions of their guests.
  1. Guest fees for the use of either the pool or tennis courts are as follows: five ($5.00) Dollars per day for persons 18 years old or older: two ($2.00) per

day for persons under 18 years of age. Guest fees will be billed to members with their Fall Assessment. Guest fees for bona fide house- guests of a member will be ten ($10.00) per week per guest family or the daily rate per guest, whichever is less.

  1. Other than during supervised morning activities, (tennis and swimming lessons), no child under the age of twelve (12) will be allowed at Sudden Pitch unless supervised by an adult, babysitter, or sibling at least twelve (12) years of age or older. If an older sibling is in charge of a younger sibling, the older sibling is expected to directly supervise the children for whom he/she is responsible.
  1. Babysitters must be at least twelve (12) years of age and they are expected to directly supervise the children for whom they are responsible. No guest fee is required for a babysitter while on duty. Babysitters may not bring guests.
  1. A stockholder’s guest privileges do not extend to their Nanny or babysitter. No Nanny or babysitter may bring a guest. There are two exceptions:

a. A Nanny or babysitter is permitted to bring a child/children as a guest(s) of the member’s child or children. This child/children will be considered a guest of the member, and will need to be signed in by the Nanny or babysitter each time they are a guest. The member will incur guest fees. The Nanny or babysitter will be responsible in all respects for the conduct and actions of any such guests.

b. An adult Nanny or babysitter who routinely cares for a member’s child/children while simultaneously caring for her own child/children may bring her own child or children while she is caring for the member’s child/children. The Nanny or babysitter must have the consent of the member that is her employer. This child/children will be considered a guest(s) of the member, and will need to be signed in by the Nanny or babysitter each time they are a guest. The member will incur guest fees.

All other Club rules regarding guests apply. With regard to the two Exceptions, the Board of Directors would expect that a Nanny or babysitter would only be required to directly supervise a reasonable number of children and their guests at any one time. This is a safety issue for the children, their guests and the members.

Please insure that all Nannies and babysitters are completely familiar with the Club’s rules and regulations, as well as the type of behavior expected of them and the children that they are directly supervising.

Please remember that swimming and tennis lessons are available only to the children of the members unless otherwise authorized by the board.

  1. No member or guest shall give money or other gratuity to any employee of the Corporation under any pretext whatsoever.
  1. No pets are permitted on the grounds of the Club at anytime, including after hours.
  1. After 11 PM, no one may use any of the facilities of Sudden Pitch unless accompanied by at least one stockholder or the spouse of a stockholder.
  1. No cars, mini-bikes, motorcycles, or skateboards are allowed beyond the chain gate at the parking lot, except on special occasions.
  1. The children of any member requesting to use the facilities of the Club for overnight camping must have a stockholder chaperoning and present at all times, and must have written permission from the Board of Directors.
  1. No outside organized group parties (such as, office parties, sports teams, or youth organizations) are allowed at the Club.
  1. Spring cleanup is a mandatory obligation for each regular member family. At least one member of a member family must attend spring cleanup and sign in. Failure to attend will result in a $100.00 fine.