Payments Page

On this page you can pay for various services of Sudden Pitch including your membership!

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You can pay your membership HERE! (Online processing fee applies)

Membership Dues are due! (due by 3/22)
Please don't risk your membership.
Pay NOW!

Regular Membership $1200

Special Membership $400

To avoid the credit card processing fee, you can mail a check to:

EdwardJones Investments
Re: Swimmers Inc.
76 Webster St
Manchester, NH 03104

NOTE: Please include your invoice number on the check.

Membership Type (Includes Processing fee)


You can pay for tonight's New Member Party here!

Date: June 1
Cost: $30 at the door;
NOTE: New Members are FREE!

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Guest Fees

Guest Fees will now be paid by PayPal invoice. Please pay using the link provided in the invoice you receive.

Locker FEE

Locker assignment COMING SOON!

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